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About Us

myOffice is a Virtual Office application, pioneer at a worldwide level.

It is the perfect solution for professionals and companies which do not need a permanent office, but demand a strong corporate image with the support of a secretariat team, which guarantees a multilingual telephone answering, correspondence treatment, fax and messages transmission.

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How does this work?

Using this service, you will be able to access real-time information on:

  • Telephone calls who called you, call time, purpose, urgency, etc
  • Correspondence name of sender, date, etc
  • Fax name of sender, date of fax, subject
  • Messages contact request, internal memos, etc

The Business Center provides clients with login and password to access myOffice (Clients may later change these accesses by using our site).

During working hours, the Business Centers secretariat inputs information in your reserved access area.

Besides visualising this information on myOffice, clients may also receive information on their personal or any other e-mail address.

The clients may also receive information on their mobile phone, via SMS.

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The myOffice app it is highly beneficial, it allows dislocating the office, allows me to have access to calls registry in my iPhone. myOffice is really a platform that responds to demand of the speed of businesses and to what we have to be prepared nowadays in order to respond the best way to those contacting us. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the future of technologies at a corporate level.

Ricardo Andorinho – MBU Intelligence, CEO

Having the myOffice app it’s fantastic because more and more we need to give answers quickly and that is extraordinary. You give one touch and you solve everything. I receive the information of a phone call I have to reply to. Immediately I receive the alert on the phone and I can reply to it straight away.

Alexandra Franco – CEO Aviation CRM & Human Factors

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