About Us

myOffice is the first virtual office app worldwide. Know more about this innovative product

myOffice – your office at your fingertips!

myOffice application for the iPhone and Android has an automatic integration with email and SMS, always being in contact with you.

myOffice is a Virtual Office application, pioneer at a worldwide level. It is the perfect solution for professionals and companies which do not need a permanent office, but demand a strong corporate image with the support of a secretariat team, which guarantees a multilingual telephone answering, correspondence treatment, fax and messages transmission.

Through myOffice you may have access to your office, wherever you are

myOffice allows you to be in online contact with your office, having access to all information related with phone calls (who called, at what time, subject, urgency), correspondence and fax (sender’s name, reception date and subject) and other messages transmitted to you (notes, internal communications, contact’s request, etc.).

This application also allows you to locate any Business Centre of the Partners International Network, being able to request information directly about the several services offered in the Office Centres: office rental, meeting rooms, virtual offices, call centre, virtual assistant, among many others.

All this in real time. Soon, you could book online:

  • meeting rooms and offices
  • coworking spaces
  • contract virtual office solutions