About Us

myOffice is the first virtual office app worldwide. Know more about this innovative product

Carlos Goncalves

Chief Executive Officer
Carlos is an enthusiast of the work models oriented towards the office of the future. Has been connected to the virtual offices market for several years, having been the mentor of the myOffice project in 2006. In 2010 led the team who developed the myOffice app for iOs (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

Raquel Santana

Chief Operating Officer: US, Americas, EMEA
Raquel has a vast experience on international projects management, having followed the myOffice app conception, the pilot project and its implementation in several Business Centers. She is also responsible for the myOffice Research & Development area.

Noel Cardoso

Chief Operating Officer: Asia
Noel has been developing a network in the Asian market, is responsible for the projects follow-up and for the market prospection on this continent. He has a major experience in project management in countries like China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.