About Us

myOffice is the first virtual office app worldwide. Know more about this innovative product

The myOffice app it is highly beneficial, it allows dislocating the office, allows me to have access to calls registry in my iPhone. myOffice is really a platform that responds to demand of the speed of businesses and to what we have to be prepared nowadays in order to respond the best way to those contacting us. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the future of technologies at a corporate level.
Ricardo Andorinho – MBU Intelligence, CEO

Having the myOffice app it’s fantastic because more and more we need to give answers quickly and that is extraordinary. You give one touch and you solve everything. I receive the information of a phone call I have to reply to. Immediately I receive the alert on the phone and I can reply to it straight away.
Alexandra Franco, CEO Aviation CRM & Human Factors

As an international recruiter I can work from home or from anywhere i need to be. It is very important to receive all contacts, phone calls, faxes and letters to able to answer them as quickly as possible. Having myOffice app is extraordinary.
Rodrigo Pereira Coutinho, Konsac Director

KS Consulting is a general advisory company. We give support to all kinds of companies in the dislocation areas. We are always is movement, having meetings all over the world. With myOffice we found a way to be always where we need, because we can answer our clients immediately. We are looking forward to the new functionalities, namely booking meetings online in any part of the world.
Henrique Zorzano, KS Consulting

Having started as an online store we wouldn’t have been able to have such a market accreditation without the myOffice, because it made it possible for us to answer straight away to our clients, wherever we were. It really is like have my office wherever I am. It was absolutely decisive!
Jorge Mello, lentesdecontacto.pt, CEO

The choice of this office center was due to the flexible solutions presented, private parking central location and the latest generation in terms of IT, like the myOffice app for iPhone that we use daily in our activity
Fernando Canhão, Associate Area director, Shire Portugal (HGT)